If you told us your production losses were X, at a total cost to your operation of Y, and we told you we could reduce those losses by 40 -70%, for a fraction of the cost that you are currently losing through compromised master asset data, then why wouldn’t you be interested in talking to us?

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Asset 4.0™ - Innovative Products and Services Powered by Ai

01 About Us

About us

Aventus Ai Limited is a geoscience, risk, reliability, maintenance and asset integrity engineering solutions provider.

Our vision is to make Ai, machine learning, the digital oilfield and the power of predictive maintenance analytics available to all operators, regardless of tier level.

Our transferable skills allow us to service multiple industries, and our logical approach towards holistically modelling intrinsically linked assets, is our differentiation.

We want operators, covering multiple industries, to be able to demonstrate full duty of care in preserving life, and the environment, and maximizing profitability so that they can support their local and governmental economies.


Our lean business model and ecosystem of partnerships enable Aventus Ai to enter a whole new era of business efficiency, where we can provide cutting-edge service offerings, at highly competitive rates.

Our collaborative end-to-end process promotes speed, agility, and efficiency. The end result is a richer customer experience.

02 Our Services

Our core service provision is to gather, build, model and analyse master asset datasets, delivering solutions, getting owner/operators Industry 4.0 ready, and providing them with predictive analytics that enable the desired balance between risk, cost, performance, profitability and preservation of reputation.

The overarching suite of products and services that support our multi-industry market offering, we call Asset 4.0™. Our Digital PAVTM not only builds your master asset data with high as-built precision, but as part of the deliverable, we can also offer a full library of CAD native files and baseline digital twin, getting you started on your Industry 4.0 trajectory.


Mineral Mining

Atomic Dielectric Resonance scanning technology provides measurements of subsurface natural resources, rock types and rock sequences, and can reduce the cost of exploratory borehole drilling by 90%.

Our Asset 4.0™ range of engineering services assures production uptime and availability, production optimisation and asset life cycle extension.


Hydrocarbon Reservoir

Through the adoption of Ai, neural networking, new technologies, innovation and drilling and completions engineering, we deliver optimised reservoir solutions across the full life cycle of oil and gas developments.

We conduct forensic well analysis for ideal candidate selection for EOR/IOR. Our Well Plug & Abandonment expertise enables the application of operational and organizational solutions to reduce the risk of formation fluids during and post WPA.


Well Integrity

Our 3rd party Flow diagnostics allow us to reveal those elusive flow paths around the entire well system, giving clear insights into the well dynamics required to accurately characterize the system, so that it’s performing to full potential.

True integrity is proactive, validating the well and finding breaches, giving you the ability to anticipate, act and manage, ensuring a safe and productive well. We comply with NORSOK D-010 in assuring your well-integrity barrier management.


Plant, Export, Distribution & Refineries

Ai, machine learning, multi-disciplined engineering, predictive maintenance strategy development, and risk-based probabilistic analysis are the backbone of our Asset 4.0™, products and services.

Additionally, we employ petrochemical, FEA analytics and digital twin modelling to bolster our Asset integrity management services, throughout the greenfield, brownfield and asset divestiture life cycle phases.


Power Generation

Ai, machine learning, multi-disciplined engineering, predictive maintenance strategy development, and risk-based probabilistic analysis are the backbone of our Asset 4.0™ products and services we use to support the power generation industry.

We use FEA analytics and digital twin modelling to bolster our Asset integrity management services throughout the power generation greenfield, brownfield and asset divestiture life cycle phases.


Renewable Industries

Our research and experience highlight the fact that as wind turbine farms have matured over the last 20 years, that there are many common OPEX issues compared to oil and gas assets.

Combining over 250 years of oil and gas knowledge, experience and transferable processes from our Asset 4.0™ products and services portfolio, we offer the renewable energy industry our range of Ai driven, high-technology services.


03 Our Team

At the leadership, we have a diverse group of professionals that gives Aventus Ai the ability to offer a unique, fully integrated holistic service.

The backbone is our team of highly talented core subject experts, covering Geoscience and engineering, who are equally at home thinking both inside, and outside of the box.


David has over 28 years of experience in Nuclear FEMWD and asset integrity management. Holding positions as global Nuclear FE MWD SME, author of Nuclear product line manuals and theoretical courses, asset integrity engineering project management, client Account Management and Operations management.

David Noble

Engineering & Innovations Director


Ashley has 32 years of experience in design in the Space, Aerospace, Power Generation and the Oil & Gas industries. This has included Finite Element Simulation led Research and Development in prestigious projects across a wide range of technologies.

Ashley Bird

Technology & Structural Science Director


Peter has over 31 years of oilfield experience in wireline, logging while drilling and geoscience. He has held a variety of senior management positions within operations, engineering, product development, knowledge transfer, and global account management.

Peter Jackson

Geoscience Director


Henrike has more than 20 years experience in leadership positions in business, science, heritage and finance. She has a proven record of negotiation and research skills in a variety of industries and is delighted to add her abilities to the vast skill set of Aventus Ai.

Henrike Bird

Commercial & Financial Director

04 Contact

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t: +44 1224 330 502 e: info@aventus.ai